E-verify system rejects President Obama SSN as invalid

The E-verify system was created under the US Citizenship and Immigration Service and Department of Homeland Security to ensure that businesses could check and validate that job applicants were of legal standing, and had the right to work in a given area. Used primarily to check the status of illegal and legal immigrants applying for work visas, the system was expanded for all businesses to use as states began instituting legislation against them if they hired undocumented workers.

On September 12th however, the e-verify system came under scrutiny as a private investigator who did a search in the system using President Obama’s social security card, came up with invalid confirmations for the card, and for Barack Obama to rightfully work in this country.

Continue reading on Examiner.com President Obama has own job issues as E-verify system rejects his SSN as valid The private investigator, who chose to pursue her own findings on Barack Obama during the debate on whether he was a natural born citizen, and eligible to run for the Presidency of the United States, compiled her findings in a letter that can be found here, along with the rejection letter by the e-verify system.

While the debate on President Obama’s legitimacy to be President is for another time and place, the real crux of the argument becomes whether Barack Obama is holding and submitting false documents for employment in a Federal position, or if the e-verify system is functioning correctly, and ensuring the consistency of its data for employment eligibility.

With so many people out of work, and applying for jobs at the rate of millions of applications per day, the necessity of the e-verify system to correctly denote whether an American has valid and working documents so they can legally be hired is vital to the enormous system that the Federal government has created to protect businesses, and help legal citizens seeking employment. If the President of the United States is rejected in e-verify to be eligible to work, then how many other Americans have lost the opportunity for jobs because the system wrongfully rejected their social security cards and other credentials during background checks?


While the political ramifications of whether President Obama is legally eligible to work in the US is of little consequence three years into his administration, the fact that his provided social security number is rejected by the same e-verify system that holds information for all Americans is very disturbing, and bears the question of how accurate the system is to businesses, and to those looking to be hired now, and in the future.

Continue reading on Examiner.com President Obama has own job issues as E-verify system rejects his SSN as valid

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