Missing Person Brian Trumbo of Oakland, OR

NEAR DORENA LAKE, Ore. — A makeshift search party brought together on Facebook spent New Years Day at Dorena Lake to search the area where their missing friend’s vehicle was reported found last week.

One of the searchers, Anjuli Marsh, said that knowing that her friend, 27-year-old Brian Trumbo is missing has kept her up at night.

“It is taking a toll on the people who care for him. The more time that goes buy without any answers it becomes really tougher,” said Marsh.


Family members said that the 27-year-old was last seen leaving his Oakland, Ore. home on December 11th. Officials said that he told relatives he was taking a trip to the Eugene-area.

After the missing person’s report was released for Trumbo, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office reported that they found a car matching his vehicle description near Dorena Lake.

Deputies located Trumbo’s Expedition at the Rat Creek Boat Ramp area on Dec. 12, the day after he left Oakland.

Officials released the report on Thursday, and friends quickly organized a search party group on Facebook.

“We don’t know the specifics, or the exact location of where the car was found. We are getting a general area. We know it was found abandoned near a creek bed, near Dorena Lake,” said Marsh.

The friends and acquaintances split into groups, looking for clues about what might help them uncover how his car ended up so far from his home.

Rindy Hart said that the group has yet to reach search and rescue officials to coordinate a strategic plan.

“Frustration doesn’t get you very far. You have to stay positive and hope that we find him,” said Hart.

Officials from Douglas and Lane County Sheriff’s Offices have released little information to the searchers about their investigation into Trumbo’s disappearance.

The sheriff’s office told Marsh that they sent out a search and rescue team on Monday, but added that any team would have a lot of ground to cover.

“He is just a big part of our community. Anybody who knows him we should be doing what we can to try and help bring him home,” said Hart.

Trumbo’s friends said that Tuesday is the first of many long days they plan to spend searching for their missing friend.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with information about the missing man to call at 541-682-4141. Trumbo’s case number is 12-8396.

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