Wrongful Death Clark County Man Indicted in 20 Year Old Murder

A Clark County man accused of killing a woman this July has been indicted for the murder of his cousin nearly 20 years ago. The indictment has Shannon Horn’s family divided.

“It’s going to be difficult because I have my mother’s family on one side of the courtroom and my deceased father’s side, his family on the other side of the courtroom,” said Horn, J.B.’s sister.

Lonnie Martin was indicted by a grand jury for the 1995 murder of his cousin, Joseph “J.B.” Martin.


“You don’t want to think that a member of your own family would be capable of doing something like that,” said Horn.

For years, J.B.’s death was thought to be an accident or suicide, but J.B.’s sister and mother always insisted that J.B.’s death was no accident.

“I’ve got a death certificate that reads ‘pedestrian vs. train’ and it was never pedestrian vs. train. It was always homicide and now after 18 years it’s a homicide that is now going to be proven,” said Horn.

The proof finally came after Lonnie was arrested for the murder of Kyla Kline this past July. Her body was found buried on a Montgomery County farm. Winchester police say while investigating Kline’s killing they found evidence linking Lonnie to his cousin’s death. A death first ruled accidental. Police now say Lonnie threw J.B. off a bridge into the path of a train. J.B.’s family must now wait for the case to go to trial, but they’re used to waiting. And this time, they’re ready for the next step. Ready for justice for J.B.

“It’s time for it to end. It’s time for this to be over with,” said J.B.’s mother, Charlene Neal. “I think he should pay for what he’s done.”

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