Missing Person Report Filed After Madison County Fire

We spoke with family of Walt Liebengood earlier today, who say they just want to know what happened to him after traces of a body weren’t found by crews at what remains of his home in Madison County.

Neighbors told us they saw Liebengood’s home engulfed in flames late last Wednesday night.
The fire was so intense, firefighters had to just contain it, until they could get the rubble to a safe enough temperature to search through.
But state police say the search turned up more questions than answers.

“We are on pins and needles here just trying to understand what happened and what’s going on,” Liebengood’s son, Ryan, told us earlier over the phone.

Ryan Liebengood and other family members have now filed a missing person’s report with state police.

The emotional strain is all too familiar for the family.
Back in 2004, Walt Liebengood’s daughter-in-law, Megan, was murdered outside her Lexington apartment, leading to a high-profile trial that put three men in jail.

“He was beyond devastated when that happened. And we’re just hoping we get some good answers somewhere,” Ryan Liebengood said.

We asked Ryan about the possibility that his dad would up and leave without telling anyone.

“No, there’s no way. He’s, he was in far too much communication with my brother and I, and the three of us were like the three amigos. And I just don’t…think that’s something he would do,” said Liebengood.


At this point state police say they are going to start looking deeper into Walt Liebengood’s life to see if anything would point to a reason for his disappearance.

Fire officials do say a cause of this fire is still under investigation.

One thing that investigators say is also puzzling is both of Liebengood’s vehicles were still in the driveway when his house burned down.

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