Missing Person Man’s Body Found Under Bridge in Colbert County, AL

A missing man’s body has been found in the Shoals. Brioni Rutland was reported missing Tuesday afternoon.

Now, police are investigating his death as a homicide after a crime scene was discovered on a bridge and his body was found underneath.

Sheffield Police say they were called around 4:00 Thursday afternoon after a jogger on the Old Railroad Bridge found a large amount of blood. After investigating, crews discovered Rutland’s body Friday afternoon underneath the bridge.


“Disgusted. For somebody to do that, regardless of whatever the circumstance is, it shouldn’t have happened,” said Rutland’s neighbor Tommy Mosley.

It all began Tuesday afternoon when Rutland’s girlfriend reported him missing.

“The investigators came over and I kind of thought something doesn’t add up because I don’t know him that well. But, he gave me the impression that he wasn’t the type of person that he would just vanish and disappear without somebody knowing where he was at,” said Mosley.

“The thing that concerned us most is he did not pick up his son from elementary school on Tuesday afternoon and he did not contact any family members to make arrangements. At that point, that’s when we became alarmed because that’s not his character,” said Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan.

Things took a turn for the worse on Thursday afternoon with the discovery of a large amount of blood on the Old Railroad Bridge in Sheffield.

“Came back Friday morning in better light and continued and decided to put some boats in the water and to search the water underneath the bridge. At 1:34 p.m., we did locate a body underneath the bridge,” said Sheffield Police Greg Ray.

“Obviously there was some type of crime scene that took place on that bridge and it was a large crime scene, a lot of blood, so it was of grave concern. Obviously since we’ve recovered a body, it’s going to be related,” said Logan.

Police are not saying what happened or how Rutland died, but say there’s no reason for the public to be alarmed.

“It’s like with most violent crimes, the offender and the victim are going to know each other. So apparently, you know, we feel like through this process, once we do bring someone to justice, you’ll find that it’s someone that was acquainted with the victim,” said Logan.

Authorities have not released a cause of death. They expect the autopsy to take a couple of days.

Police say they are following up on leads and do not have anyone in custody at this point.

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