How much does a home surveillance system cost?

With all of the home invasions lately, Liar catchers Electronic surveillance looks at the cost to have a home video system.

1- Cost of 4 camera system with DVR which records up to 90 days is about $399. Important to note there is NO RE-OCCURRING FEES. Once you pay for the system it is paid for.

2- The system should have internet access so you can view the cameras from your smartphone or computer from another location.

3- The systems are extremely easy to install and most have a 800 number for support who will dial into your home computer and set up all of the settings for free.

4- Please the cameras high and try to get them as “out of sight” as you can.

5- Aim one at each entry point ( front door, back door , garage entry ) and the last of the 4 should be aimed at the area most likely to attract thieves ( living room television as an example )

6- Try to hide the DVR after installation and place a small piece of black electrical tape over the red blinking light so it does not attract attention. This is your recording of whomever may enter your home.

Please feel free to contact Liar Catchers for any questions about which systems work well. We have been very fond of the SWANN systems which can be found at places like Lowes, Wal-Mart etc )

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