How do I know if I am being followed?

Liar Catchers is often asked…. How do I know if I am being followed. Our surveillance team has these tips ( assuming you don’t hire us to do this for you ).

Park at a larger populated area parking lot and go into a retail establishment. Call a friend. Ask the friend to go to a drive by of where you are parked and see if anyone is “in a vehicle” close to it. Ask them to park away and at a high elevation point where they can see you enter your car and watch closely. Then get into your vehicle and go to another location ” smaller” and park and go in.

Ask your friend to watch and see if anyone else is in close pursuit. Then as you park at your new location, ask them to watch for anyone parking in same area and remaining in the vehicle. Get license plate number “or picture” of who that may be. If they are not a licensed private investigator, they could be guilty of stalking.

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