Woman, how to avoid an attack while entering or leaving a store or work place

Attackers will initially decide who to attack based on a potential target percentage of effectiveness scale. 

First they will conduct surveillance to identify weakness and strengths. They will take into account CCTV surveillance, security, alarms, vulnerabilities and note escape ease and routes. IF THEY FIND THE TARGET TO BE TOO PROTECTED OR THE RISK IS TOO GREAT, THEY WILL MOVE ONTO ANOTHER TARGET.

These low life attackers may sit in a parking lot as employees depart each evening waiting to see if they are accompanied, display any signs of un preparedness ( no keys in hand ) distractions ( the cell phone ) ease of movement ( can they run away or stand and fight ).

Liar Catchers executive protection division has some immediate suggestions for daily routine. http://liarcatchers.com/executive_protection.html


  1. Always carry your purse on a long strap over your shoulder and head and resting on your neck on opposite side of your purse.
  2. When parking your vehicle always look up for security cameras, lighting that is operative, close proximity to your exit. If you must move your vehicle after a certain time for customer parking, do so prior to the sun going down, as close to the exit of the building as possible.
  3. Never be on your phone while traveling from a building to a vehicle, not calls, no texts just stay focused with your car keys in hand , preferably with the ignition key protruding from your first and middle finger outward.
  4. If available, have someone walk with you to your car at night.
  5. While walking by strangers who appear to be loitering, always have your purse on the opposite side of the stranger.
  6. If you have a concealed carry firearm, place your hand in your bag and on the firearm as you get that “feeling” and leave it there until the feeling of apprehension has passed.
  7. If you have pepper spray, place your hand in your bag and on the spray as you get that “feeling” and leave it there until the feeling of apprehension as passed.
  8. As you enter your vehicle, lock all doors immediately and never open your car door for a stranger. Speak through the glass but DO NOT OPEN OR ROLL DOWN THE WINDOW.

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