Describing People

Describing people:
When at all possible snap a photo, have your phone set up to be a one button push to activate camera. If you have a photograph, recent or not, carry with you to help describe. Some military use a mnemonic ‘A to J’.
-Slim, medium, Heavy, Well Built, Athletic, Muscular, Wiry
-Smart, professional, grunge, Industry worker
Distinguishing Marks
– Tattoos , skin marks, teeth, piercing, rings, speech accents
Elevation ( Height )
-Usually compared to yourself or someone you are close to
-Facial shape, round, Fat, slim, Oval, drawn, small, large
-Eyes large, small, squint, slanted, bloodshot, hooded
-Eyebrows, thick, thin, bushy, arched, slanted, straight
-Nose , small, large, wide, narrow, button, hooked, bumpy, pointed, squashed
-Teeth, white, discolored, false, capped, shipped, crowned
-Lips, Fat, thin, Color, pouty
-Chin, square, round, pointed, double
-Facial Hair Mustache, beard, stubble, sculpted,thin, thick, pointed
-distinctive walk pattern fast, slow, bouncy, lethargic
-Posture, upright, slouched, round shouldered,
I Code Ethnicity
– Asian (Indian, Pakistani ), Black,Chinese, Mixed, White
Just Like ( resemblances )
– What famous face do they most resemble

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