Military Discharge Terms

Client called today requesting information about Military Discharges, here is what we informed him:

1- Honorable : ( Very Favorable, in fact the GOLD STANDARD )

2- General Under Honorable Conditions: ( favorable but did not meet all of the standards i.e. overweight, adultery, inappropriate relationships within the ranks, personal finance failures, and prior to 2011 “don’t ask don’t tell” admitted to being gay.)

3- OTH Other than Honorable : ( Dismissed for infractions like fighting, DUI, Drug use, ) this discharge will prohibit person from getting security clearance.

4- Uncharacterized ( neither favorable nor unfavorable, usually given to persons with less than 180 days of service disability may be a factor )

5-Bad Conduct ( see Dishonorable )

6- DisHonorable ( both of these are unfavorable and usually a result of a court martial, security violations, embezzlement, violence, murder, sexual assault, and this person will not be able to get a security clearance. )

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