Liar Catchers discusses finding who owns a P.O. Box

1-Download the Change of Address or Boxholder Request Format–Process Servers from the United States Postal Service website (See Resources.) You may also opt to request a hard copy form from your local postal office.,d.aWM&cad=rja


2-Print out the form and fill in all known information. Some blanks may be left empty if you do not have access to the information. However, the more information you are able to provide to the postal service, the better your chances of receiving the information you require. If you are not an official process server or attorney, list yourself as the party representing self. If you are representing yourself pro se in a court of law, you are entitled, under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA,) to obtain the same information that a process server or attorney is entitled to.
3-Mail your completed form to the custodian of the records requested. In most cases, this will be the head of the facility (usually the postmaster) where the box is physically located. If you do not have this information, send your form to Headquarters at the following address: Manager Records Office; US Postal Service; 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW RM 5821; Washington DC 20260-5821.

4-Follow up on your request. In some cases, the postmaster and other employees at the U.S. Postal Service may not be properly informed of the laws regarding the release of the information you request. If you do not hear from the post office within 20 working days after you expect that they have received your request, call the postmaster to check the status of your request.
5-Research the relevant laws in order to know and understand your rights in regards to this request. The postmaster may cite the Privacy Act of 1974 in an attempt to avoid releasing the requested information. While these workers are to be applauded for protecting the private information of their customers, they must also comply with the Freedom of Information Act, which affords you the right to obtain public information about an individual against whom you may have a legal claim. If you are unable to obtain the desired information from the postmaster at the relevant post office, don’t be afraid to work your way up the chain until you are able to obtain the desired results. These people will be more likely to take your request seriously if you are able to accurately cite the FOIA when requesting information.

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