Missing Person Brittney Wood UPDATE

In another bizarre twist in the mysterious disappearance of a teen mom, police have reported on Friday that her cousins have been arrested for sexual abuse.

Brittney Wood, 19, from Tillmans Corner, Alabama was last seen on May 30, leaving her mother’s home. It was reported that Brittney, who is a single mother, told her family she was going to see her uncle Donald “Donnie” Holland near the Styx River. Although Brittney’s mother, Chessie Wood told HLN (see video) that Brittney was going to her friend Courtney’s house, and she ended up at the Styx River location.


Chessie said that it was too far for Brittney to walk, so she believes that Brittney must have gotten a ride from someone, and thinks it may have been Courtney.

On June 1, Donnie Holland was found in his home in Fairhope by his wife. He had committed suicide, reports Fox 10 News, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office said Holland was being investigated for sexual abuse at the time.

“Her uncle has committed suicide and supposedly he was the last one she was with and so we’re worried about that,” said Wallace Hanke, Brittney’s father.

Brittney’s cell phone had pinged near that area and it was also turned on six days after she went missing.

“This was the last place her phone was pinged. They found the signal bouncing off one of these towers and we haven’t talked to her in over a week. We need some help finding her,” said Hanke earlier in the month.

The BCSO would not confirm the rumor that Wood had gone to visit her uncle instead of going to visit Courtney, but did say the three-day search in the Styx River area was related to her cell phone records, reports Lagniappe news. The cell phone was later used in south Mobile County.

Although it was originally reported that the family did not hear from Brittney after the day she left, the Mobile Police Dept. stated they have received “incomplete answers,” and that the family did hear from her after she left the home and the time she was reported missing.

Then Tuesday, June 19, two of Brittney’s family members were arrested for a sex crime.

Randall Scott Wood, 42, was arrested for sodomy and incest after police received information from a juvenile on June 19. Dustin Alton Kent, 36, was also arrested and charged with sodomy and rape on June 19. Capt. Steve Arthur of the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office said that these two men are cousins of Brittney, in the video, although other information has identified them as Brittney’s uncles. Randall Scott Wood is Brittney’s mom’s (Chessie Wood) brother and Dustin Kent is married to Brittney’s mom’s sister, Mendy. ‚Ä®Mendy is twin sister to Wendy, Donnie Hollands Wife .

“I think that once our investigation is complete and all the individuals that are implicated in this investigation are brought to arrest, I can give you more details; and you’ll understand how serious the crime is,” said Capt. Arthur tells Fox 10 news.

Brittney is still missing and there is only speculation where she may be at this point. Earlier in the month, her brother said that he thought she may be scared and was in hiding. The charges against her family members may explain why she would feel the need to hide. We can only hope that after all the arrests have been made that Capt. Arthur was referring to, Brittney will reappear.

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