Private Detective Laurel County Sheriffs Still Searching for Man Considered Dangerous

Laurel County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a man they say assaulted a woman in London Monday afternoon.

Apparently, a man in a pickup truck was seen parked behind the victim’s mother’s home.

Deputies say he fled when he realized he had been seen and the woman tried to follow him to get a license plate number to figure out who it was. But the pickup made a sudden stop in the road, and the woman had to stop behind it.

The driver the got out, confronted and assaulted the woman. Then got back into his truck and left. She was able to get pictures of the truck and the suspect on her cell phone.

The pickup is described as an older model black colored Chev. pickup with Kentucky coal license plate on it. It has a blue section on its rear tail gate.

Deputies say the suspect was wearing a ball cap,and had a large watch on his left wrist.

Police ask that anyone with any information on the pickup truck or the suspect, to contact the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office at 606-864-6600, or 606-878-7000.

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