Missing Person Matthew Straton of Rochester, NY

Friends and family of a missing man searched for him Sunday morning.

Matthew Straton, 31, of Rochester was last seen nearly two weeks ago. People searched around the Genesee River Gorge Sunday.

This is where the Straton family’s search for answers begins.

“Matt not the type of person that would take off. Something’s happened to him,” said Kym Straton, Matt’s mother.

The last 13 days have been heartbreaking for Kym.


“I just want his face out there. I need information. I need to know where he his.”

On October 18th a neighbor saw her son leave his Tyler street home. He hasn’t been seen since.

Sunday morning dozens of volunteers answered a Facebook call for help to look for Matt near Maplewood Rose Garden Park.

In these groups, are family, friends, even strangers.

“I have a lot of children myself. I have five total so I just couldn’t imagine or fathom that something like this could happen,” said Steve Burley, volunteer.

Volunteers will be searching high and low for Straton. They’re gonna tackle a six to ten mile radius that starts at the Genesee River Gorge.

“I started putting this together and we are looking at a probably a 100 people that are going to be coming and showing their support today and helping us find Matt. I just want a safe return for Matt,” said Gary Cole, Search organizer.

Kym admits Matt has had his struggles in the past, like depression and hanging out with the wrong crowds.

“If something happened to him. God willing he’s not down there. This is why we are searching the river right now,” said Kym.

Police are still investigating this missing person’s case and they encourage anyone with any information to call 911.

Family and Friends Search for Missing Man

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