Liar Catchers asked ” How do I know if I am being surveilled “.

Client asked us ” What can I do if I suspect someone is watching me?” Liar catchers surveillance suggests immediately establishing the “best” spot if you were watching you come and go from your home. Remember they would have high powered zoom so 1/2 mile away is no problem for them. Usually elevated position that can see if you go one way or the other.

Once you have established the perfect position, start looking at that spot before you leave the home every time. If you have been driving radically, perhaps check that spot upon your return home. If there is EVER a vehicle parked there, capture a photo of the license plate ( first ) and driver or passenger if there is one. You can walk right up to the vehicle if you are inclined to take the photo, as this will usually end that agents surveillance immediately knowing they have been made. You can never be too cautious. Client feels informed, Liar Catchers happy, Surveillance agent looking at this Client….. Smile for the camera.

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