Private Detective, Boyle County Alligator a Hoax

LEX 18 has learned the Boyle County alligator has been found, but it appears to be a hoax.

The Boyle County Sheriff says a deputy found the fake alligator, which appears to be made out of rubber.

The deputy was called to the creek on Mitchell Street in Junction City after someone claimed they spotted the gator again around 8:30 Wednesday evening.

That’s where the deputy found the fake gator that has had Boyle County talking for the last day.

A neighbor snapped a picture of the reptile. The picture has been circulating and shows what looks to be an alligator’s back and tail.

Many people made their way to the bridge Wednesday, hoping to catch a glimpse of the rumored alligator, but the rumors have now been put to rest after the deputy found the rubber gator.

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