Leland Councilwoman wants police department investigated

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — We’ve been following closely issues in Leland the past couple of weeks. Today, a town leader has finally come forward to talk about what she thinks needs to be done. Leland Town Council member Martha Currie sat down with us this afternoon to talk about the situation.


Currie was the only council member to speak with us about issues within the Town of Leland and its police department when we approached local leaders a week ago. Today, she said town leaders have waited long enough and need to take action. We asked Currie if she thought town leaders believed by ignoring the issues they would just go away.

“No, I do not,” she said. “Maybe at first I kind of thought, ‘This is just rumors, and it’s gonna go away,’ but it hasn’t gone away, so it’s time we do something.”

Currie says she can only speak for herself and not the whole council, but she says it’s time for action, and she is going to push to get answers for her community so that the good guys can get back to keeping Leland safe.

“I just want an investigation now,” Currie said. “I wanna know the truth. I want to know what’s happened.”

Currie says with all the allegations of corruption and deception in Leland, she thinks the only answer is a private investigation to find out the truth. The process should be simple. Mayor Walter Futch would just need to call a meeting of the council so they could vote on hiring an investigator.

Currie says she is just as shocked by the allegations against the Leland Police Department and Police Chief Tim Jayne as the rest of the community. She hopes to clear the air by finding out what’s true and getting rid of any bad apples.

“I never thought that corruption in the police department would ever, ever come up,” she said. “And I still, like I said, I’m praying these rumors are just rumors, that they’re not true, because I think we’ve got some real good men out there trying to protect us every day and every night.”

District Attorney Jon David says he has alerted the Attorney General’s office, but has recused himself of calling the SBI for an investigation because he is a neighbor and friend of Chief Tim Jayne.

We tried to speak with Futch this afternoon to see if he would call for the meeting needed to discuss a private investigation. So far he has not returned our call.

If you would like to call the Mayor and let him know how you feel, call him at 279-2274 or email him at wfutch@townofleland.com.

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