Insurance Fraud West Palm Beach Woman Faces Charges

A 28-year-old woman is facing fraud charges after she admitted to participating in a staged car crash, according to the Florida Division of Insurance Fraud.

Irina Garcia Veiga of suburban West Palm Beach also faces a charge of larceny. The division of insurance fraud said Veiga, 42-year-old Barbaro Montes De Oca and 48-year-old Vivian Morales Torres participated in a planned crash June 22, 2010 around 9 p.m.

According to authorities, Veiga was driving a 2005 Buick on Lake Avenue near Forest Hill Boulevard in West Palm Beach and hit a vehicle in front of her. Torres was a passenger in the car.

Veiga began treatment for injuries at Healthcare R Us in Palm Springs even though she didn’t have any injuries, according to a probable-cause affidavit.

Authorities interviewed Veiga on March 20, when she gave a full confession. She admitted that even though she wasn’t injured from the crash, she was treated at the Palm Springs location of Healthcare R Us. Infinity Auto Insurance was billed for 38 treatments. Veiga said she didn’t attend treatment 38 times, as she has a child at home and didn’t have time to go to the facility. She said she was paid $2,500 in cash for her participation in the wreck. The insurance company was billed more than $9,000 in fraudulent claims.

The affidavit did not describe Montes De Oca’s involvement in the wreck.

All three defendants were released from the Palm Beach County Jail Friday after each posted a $13,000 bond, jail records show.

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