Accident Reconstruction Man Dies in Fiery Crash on Old Richmond Rd.

A Lexington man is dead following a fiery crash. It happened around 6:30 p.m. on Friday on the far Southeastern side of Lexington, on Old Richmond Road near McCalls Mill Road.

While the 29 year old man didn’t make it, witnesses said they tried their best to save his life. “It’s so quick that an accident can happen,” said Jeanne Guess. That’s a hard truth she learned when she pulled up minutes after the crash.

“It was pretty scary, but you don’t think about that you are just thinking about getting that person out of there,” said Guess.

Police said the man was driving Southbound when he somehow went off the side of the road, hit a tree and then spun his car.

“Theres no skid marks or anything, so I think he either reached for something or just lost control,” said Guess. Whatever the case, drivers said they saw someone in need and jumped into action.

“We could see the fire shooting up out of there, and when they found out there was still somebody in there we of course immediately wanted to try and help and keep that from blowing up,” said Guess.

Witnesses said they ran to their cars and grabbed all they could, even family heirlooms to put out the flames. “We were running up and down the road just getting blankets, jackets, water bottles, anything we had that we could throw on the front of the car,” said Guess.

At the time guess said the man had a bad head injury, still they felt his pulse, but he was stuck. “We knew we couldn’t get to him because the side he was on was where the tree was and there was just no way of getting him out,” said Guess.

Once emergency crews arrived though, it was too late, the man died on scene. “Its upsetting because you know you think about that family that is going to get that call,” said Guess. “Just lots of prayers and friends of families let them know we did everything we could.”

The crash reconstruction unit was on scene for several hours Friday night. Investigators said they are still trying to figure out if there were any contributing factors in this crash.

The cause of the man’s death is listed as multiple blunt force injuries. The name of the victim has not been released yet.

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