Missing Person Louisville Woman Found ALIVE in Car Trunk

A woman who was missing for several days was found locked in the trunk of a car in Louisville Monday afternoon.

Aundrea Stone’s pastor said she was supposed to pick up her daughter from class and never showed up on Friday. She was found in the trunk of a car Monday afternoon by a couple of women who were walking by the area where the car was parked.

The pastor said Stone doesn’t remember what happened. She was apparently hit in the head, and suffered some head trauma and a broken elbow.


Tiasha Chaplin said she and a friend were on their way to pick up their children from school on Monday when they passed a parking lot near the corner of South Third and St. Catherine streets and heard a noise coming from a car.

“We was walking past the car and we heard a thump, thump, thump, and we thought it was a prank – somebody was pranking us,” Chaplin said.

The women called 911 and kept walking. On their way back, they said they heard the noise again as another passerby approached.

“I got scared. 911 still hadn’t arrived, so I ran across the street, got a brick, threw the brick through the passenger window,” Chaplin said.

They popped the trunk and found Stone inside, short of breath and injured, but coherent. EMS took her to the University of Louisville Hospital.

Police continue to investigate the incident.

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