Wrongful Death Murder Suspect Claims to be Haunted by Ghost of Victim

A Kentucky man accused of murdering an elderly Ohio woman says he’s seen the ghost of his alleged victim.

The Journal-News in Ohio says newly released audio of Daniel French’s confession in a Kentucky jail reveals disturbing details in the death of 86-year-old Barbara Howe. The audio is from a 40-minute-interview with French after he was captured in Rockcastle County in December 2014.


French is accused of killing Howe more than two years earlier in Ohio. Howe’s body was found in the trunk of the car.

During the alleged confession the Journal-News says French tells the detective that he only meant to rob the elderly woman, not kill her.

“I just wanted to see if she had money. I was going to take it. ┬áBasically I took a stun gun. This is all I was going to do. It didn’t work. It wasn’t my intention to choke her to death. I was just trying to get her to black out and she wouldn’t. I choked her to death,” French told detectives.

In an interesting twist, French told detectives that he was haunted by Howe’s ghost and that he had apologized to her apparition.

“I seen Ms. Howe’s ghost and I told her I was sorry,” French is recorded saying.

French was extradited to Ohio to face a murder charge. His defense attorneys are attempting to keep the jury from hearing the taped confession by saying that French was not in the right state of mind during the interview.

French also told detectives that he got $18 dollars and a diamond ring in the robbery, but he later threw the ring out of his window. If convicted, French could face the death penalty.

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