Accident Reconstruction Pedestrian Killed in Knox County Parking Lot

State police say a woman was walking out of a Knox County fast food restaurant Monday when she was hit and killed by a 19-year old behind the wheel of a pickup truck. It happened at the McDonald’s on Master Street in Corbin.

It was a horrific scene witnessed by many at this busy intersection.

“People just started screaming. People going from this restaurant to that one. They were all coming out, you couldn’t really see what’s going on because people were everywhere,” said witness Brenda Jessup.

Troopers say around 4:30, the 19-year-old driver of a black truck hit and killed 66-year-old Norma Hicks as she was walking out of McDonalds.

“After impact with the female, the truck dipped and spun around and hit the building, said Kentucky State Police Trooper Shane Jacobs.

Troopers say the truck came down a side road before pulling into the restaurant going very fast.

“We’ve got our accident reconstruction on the scene and they are measuring marks on the road and debris, getting as much information to figure out why the truck was traveling so fast,” said Trooper Jacobs.

Brenda Jessup was grabbing food with her son when the chaos ensued.

“When the fire truck rolled in, the state police started coming in and that’s when they started blocking everything off,” she said.

She says even though she doesn’t know Hicks, what she saw Monday weighs heavily on her heart.

“I found out she actually passed away and it hurt. I was devastated,” said Jessup.

Troopers say it will take some more time to figure out exactly what led to the fatal accident.

“Were still looking into exactly why his truck entered the parking lot at such a high rate of speed before striking the pedestrian,” said Trooper Jacobs.

The coroner says Hicks is from Parker’s Lake in McCreary County.¬†Troopers say the driver has been cooperative and they don’t suspect drugs or alcohol as factors. He was taken to Baptist Regional Medical Center in Corbin for a blood test. At this point, no charges have been filed.

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