Fraud Investigation even an officer can get duped

As if looking into a tresspassing mustachioed “private investigator” weren’t enough for Dobbs Ferry’s detectives this week, they are also trying to make sense out of a Craigslist scam, in which a resident reportedly lost almost $2,000, police said.

A 31-year-old man called on Jan. 26 to report that he had lost $1,750 (plus an additional fee) after responding to a Craigslist advertisement that promised $750 for a cleaning job if he agreed to deposit a $2,400 check and send the difference to a certain account in Malaysia, said Sgt. Martin Coster.

“Apparently the man made initial contact with the Craigslist advertiser on Jan. 19,” Coster said.

There was a series of interactions between the man and his would-be employer. The man said he received the phony check—without ever having done any cleaning work—and wired $1,750 via Western Union from his own bank account to Malaysia before finding out whether the check had cleared.

On Jan. 24, he was contacted by his bank saying the original check was fraudulent.

The Dobbs Ferry man lost $1,750 in addition to a $104 Western Union fee.

“This is a classic Craigslist scam,” Coster said.

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