Pedophile Tracking Douglas Brian Jackway set to be released

A VIOLENT Sunshine Coast pedophile could be released from jail as early as this month unless an eleventh-hour fight to keep him locked up is successful.

Douglas Brian Jackway was to be released on Friday after serving his sentence for the rape of a young girl.

Attorney General Paul Lucas applied to the Supreme Court of Queensland yesterday for Jackway to be locked up indefinitely.

If the government is successful, Jackway would be listed under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act for numerous crimes against children.

Jackway was jailed in the 1990s for snatching a young boy from a public area and raping him in broad daylight.

He was released in November, 2003, before being arrested again in early 2004 and convicted for the rape of a young girl several years earlier.

While a civil liberties body blasted the laws, a spokesman for Mr Lucas said the government believed Jackway belonged behind bars.

Acting Justice Kerry O’Brien ordered an interim detention order yesterday until February 28, when he will decide Jackway’s fate.

Queensland Council for Civil Liberties president Michael Cope said the laws were “fundamentally flawed”.

“How can somebody defend against an application that they might (commit a crime) in the future?” Mr Cope said.

“Once people have served their time then the punishment has come to an end and they’re entitled to be released.”

Mr Cope said there was no way of knowing an inmate was going to commit a crime when they were released.

“So what you’re doing (if someone is locked up indefinitely) is depriving someone of their liberty based on the idea of what they might do,” Mr Cope said.

Child safety advocates Bruce and Denise Morcombe studied the police files of dozens of pedophiles during the lengthy investigation into their son’s disappearance.

Mr Morcombe, who has read Jackway’s history, said the pedophile should not be released.

“Certainly the experience we have … is that sex offenders can never be rehabilitated,” Mr Morcombe said.

“They’re different to just a violent offender. To read (Jackway’s) history it’s suggested he’s potentially a very dangerous man, particularly to children.”

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