Student Residency investigation

Student Residency Investigations performed by Liar Catchers

If students in the state are attending a school that is not within the district of their actual domicile, they ( or their guardian ) is in violation of : 13 KAR 2:045. Determination of residency status for admission and tuition assessment purposes. Reduced budgets and a lack of state funding are forcing municipalities to insure that all of the students within the school district meet residency requirements. Having parents supply proof of residence at the time of enrollment, or re-enrollment, is no longer sufficient as the actual student residence may have recently changed, or parents may have actually supplied fraudulent documents to justify residence. Liar catchers provides cities and schools with a way an cost effective address verification service.INTERVIEWS & INVESTIGATION
Our staff can review individual files and determine if potential fraud exists. If so, our investigators, or that of associated qualified licensed investigators throughout the United States, will interview individuals that may be able to confirm the subject’s residence, or non-residence. In every situation, all interviews are documented to provide you the evidence in the event of any potential future legal proceedings. In many cases, individuals will admit to their current residence once confronted by an investigator. For those who continue to deny a fraudulent residence the investigators will simply document the acquired evidence which may include interviews, statements, records, photographs, video, and investigator affidavits.SURVEILLANCE
In many cases, surveillance is necessary and extremely beneficial in proving the actual residence of an individual. In the event that sufficient indicators exist to suspect residency fraud, investigators may conduct covert surveillance to document and confirm the actual domicile residence of the subject. Surveillance is conducted at different times of day and night over the course of several days will document and insure that the newly identified residence is the actual majority domicile location. Our Investigators use the latest in covert video technology and digital photographic equipment to photograph, videotape, and document subject activity when logistically possible. The visual evidence acquired by the investigators is usually sufficient to either solicit an admission of guilt or prove fraud.

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