drug dog sweeps in private sector

Drug sniffing dogs are usually used by police, but now a Fresno company is renting out the trained animals to the public. Parent who think their kids are using drugs can have the dog search the entire house.


A dogs sense of smell is about a thousand times more sensitive than humans. They can even track down the spot where drugs were hiding up to three days ago.

Zeta is a 2-year-old German Shepard. She loves to play, but she knows when it’s time to work.

Kelly is the Owner of Canine Discreet Drug Detection she says, “When she (Zeta) puts her vest on and Amanda gives her the command. Her thing is going to be put her nose down and go for it. Start hunting.”

The hunt is a for little baggie with drug residue inside. In the bedroom Kelly hid marijuana, heroin in the bathroom and cocaine in a seat cushion. Zeta found them all.

Canine Discreet Drug Detection will find notify the client where the drugs are found. They won’t confiscate whatever they find and they won’t call police. The owner says parents can use it as a tool to help keep their kids safe.

Zeta enjoys every minute of it. She’s in it for the reward.

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