Drug Dog Sweeps in mail

Postal inspectors and Drug En­forcement Administration agents ar­rested Bernard Thomas at the South Station Post Office on East South Boul­evard after getting information that Thomas was receiving large amounts of drugs at a post office box there, ac­cording to court records.

Thomas pleaded guilty Thursday to possession with intent to distribute two kilograms of cocaine and use of the mail in connection with the possession, the U.S attorney’s office announced Tuesday.

On Jan. 18, postal inspectors ob­tained a search warrant to open a box they believed contained cocaine. When agents opened the box, they found two kilograms of powder cocaine, court re­cords state.

The next day, postal inspectors and DEA agents set up surveillance at the post office and watched as Thomas re­trieved a box that was not the one known to contain cocaine and placed it in his car.


Thomas went back into the post of­fice and received the box with cocaine inside. As agents approached Thomas to arrest him, he tried to flee but was apprehended.

A drug dog then detected drugs in­side Thomas’ car, and agents found marijuana inside the first box Thomas received, said Clark Morris, a spokes­woman for the U.S. attorney’s office.

Thomas later confessed that the drugs were his and that he had mailed other packages of drugs from a loca­tion outside Montgomery to the post of­fice box as an alternate means of trans­porting them, Morris said.

Court documents show that the drugs were sent from Wilmington, N.C.

Thomas’ sentencing hearing is set for May 12. He faces a sentence of five to 40 years.

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