Drug Dog Sweep Located Half Ounce in Trunk

TRENTON — A drug-sniffing dog helped uncover a half-ounce of marijuana during a traffic stop Tuesday near Fort Street and King Road.

A patrol officer who was headed north on Fort at about 9:40 p.m. said he watched a white sedan in front of him tailgate a minivan before passing it on the right and then cutting it off. The officer also noted that the sedan’s driver-side brake light was not functional. For all of those reasons, the officer turned on his emergency lights and pulled over the sedan.


The driver, a 31-year-old man, explained that the van was driving too slow and, after a long day at work, he just wanted to get home. As the officer ran the man’s driver’s license, a K-9 unit showed up to assist. The dog picked up a scent of narcotics and the driver was pulled out of the car so police could search further. After looking around the interior and finding nothing, one of the officers noticed that the back seat was loose. Police asked if there were any drugs in the trunk and the man reportedly said, “No, there shouldn’t be.”

Upon opening the trunk, police said they immediately smelled marijuana. Again, the man denied having any drugs in the vehicle. However, when police opened a gym bag that was inside the trunk they found a plastic baggy containing pot. The man was then arrested for possession of marijuana and his car was impounded. Police said he later admitted that the bag was his and apologized for lying.

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