Private Detective, Mercer County Deputies Search For Wanted Man

Mercer County Sheriff’s Deputies are looking for a wanted man. They said Brent Stewart was caught trying to burglarize a home, then caused a four hour man hunt Thursday afternoon.

Investigators said Stewart is a parole violator who may also be involved in a string of burglaries in the county.

LEX 18 News spoke with Stewart’s Uncle, George Barnes, who is the victim in the latest burglary.

“I hope they catch him and put him back in the pen,” said Barnes. When it comes to his nephew, Barnes said this case was the last straw.

“He don’t need to be getting back out because he is never going to learn,” said Barnes.

Barnes said this case all started on Thursday at 12:30 p.m. when he stopped at his home on Mackville Road. When Barnes got out of his truck he said he noticed someone inside his garage.

“Seen a pair of legs going out the window of the garage, so I know somebody was breaking in. I got out got my gun and I seen him running, so I shot,” said Barnes.

At the time Barnes said he didn’t know who it was, however as the burglar ran into the woods, he called 911. He said family that lives nearby told Barnes they saw Stewart in the area.

Deputies said after Stewart ran away, they followed him with the canine unit, however he eventually jumped into a blue Jeep with three other men.

“We felt like that he got in a vehicle either with an accomplice or he had called someone to get him,” said Sheriff Ernie Kelty.

Then about 30 minutes later, across the street from the house, the Jeep was caught on camera at a convenience store.

In the video the Jeep passed the store and turned, then seconds later deputies sped by and kept going straight. The Sheriff said they searched for hours, but had no luck.

“We would like to know who owns the Jeep, who all else was inside that Jeep and where it went,” said Kelty.

Investigators said they want to question Stewart about several other active burglary cases in Mercer County. The Department of Probation and Parole is also looking for Stewart for violating the conditions of his release.

If you know where Stewart is, or have information about the Jeep, please call the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department at (859) 734-4221.

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