Missing Person Sarah Majoras of Lambertville, NJ

The search continues for Sarah Majoras, the Lambertville woman, who vanished into thin air while returning home after a night out with friends four days ago.

Many residents of Lambertville say they are shocked this kind of thing could happen where they live.


“It is very unusual,” said one resident. “It’s a safe little town and it’s very much a community, and everybody pulls together. It’s just been a nightmare, it’s been horrible…We pull together as a community, everybody does everything with each other – between sports to skate night at the church – everybody pretty much knows everybody, and it’s just horrible to think that …people leave their doors unlocked, people all trust each other and there’s no crime that goes on that much here.”

Another woman said, “It’s a little weird – it’s a little weird that we haven’t found anything – that’s the weirdest part – that there’s no clues, there’s no nothing…Everybody knows her, she’s friendly, she’s a well known face and it’s really bizarre that she kind of just up and vanished.”

“Sarah Had No Enemies” Resident Says

A man standing nearby pointed out, “You have little car break-ins or this and that, but nothing like this – nothing like this at all, and we’ve all known Sarah for years. You’re not going to find a better person – everybody loves Sarah, I mean Sarah had no enemies, I’ve known Sarah for 20 years and I couldn’t find one person who could say something bad about her. She’s just a great person, I hope we find her.”

Another person said, “The only thing that really happens in that case is accidents on the river, if someone’s on a boat or something like that, for someone to go missing is totally unusual…it’s unsettling and shocking.”

“Disturbing, I guess, would be a good word,” said another resident. “It’s kind of eerie that something like that could happen in a town like this…People don’t lock their doors and generally friendly around here, but it’s just very shocking that something like that could happen around here.”

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