Cold Case 23 Year Old Murder Case Remains A Mystery

In 2010, while visiting his daughter’s grave, Glen Brooks said that giving up looking for Valeri’s killer just wasn’t an option.

“I won’t let myself think that, because when you start thinking like that you’ve given up,” he said.

Sadly, Mr. Brooks died last February, never knowing who the monster was who stabbed Valeri more than 30 times after abducting her from a Versailles Thornton’, then dumping her nearly decapitated body on a remote road near Nonesuch, 23 years ago.

A suspect was never officially named, though police took a look at another man’s DNA after serial killer Glen Rodgers claimed to have killed Valeri. There hasn’t been word on the results.

“My husband’s gut feeling, and mine too along with the family’s, is that it was someone who knew the area. You just don’t drive up to that area by mindlessly driving around,” said Valeri’s step-mom Carolyn Brooks.

Carolyn believes the investigation was botched from the beginning, but hopes her late husband now knows the truth.

“There’s a vicious killer out there someplace,” she said. “I’d be surprised if he hadn’t struck again.”

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