Missing Person Mother and Daughter Missing 10 Years From Springfield, TN

It’s been ten years since Jennifer and Adrianna Wix went missing. Saturday, family and friends gathered in Robertson County to mark the anniversary.

A cold and rainy day cannot deter a mother’s love.

“This is all about something we don’t have any control over,” Wix’s mother Kathy Nale said.

Every day she is reminded about what she can’t control.


“I’m up and down like a roller coaster, she said. “I’ve already been through my sad part. I’ve had my alone time.”

Ten years ago this week, Nale’s daughter Jennifer Wix and then 2-year-old granddaughter, Adrianna, went missing in Robertson County. It’s another anniversary with no answers.

“It’s been all the anniversaries. The anniversary of the last time I talked to her. The anniversary of the last time anyone said they saw her,” Nale explained. “Her boyfriend saying he dropped her off or saying she was at his house. The anniversary of when I panicked and called the police.”

Three months ago new information surfaced allowing authorities to re-classify the investigation from a missing persons case to a homicide; increasing the reward to $27,000.

“This has been a ten year nightmare and we need it over with,” Nale’s mother said.

Saturday, organizers solicited donations to help increase the reward in hoped that someone would finally speak up.

“Let God into your heart. Do the right thing,” Nale pleaded. “If you’ve got a child think about it being your child now. Just do the right thing.”

A cold and rainy day has not hampered this mother’s love.

“We need to bring them home, bury them (and) lay them to rest.”

With every year, Nale’s love intensifies as she holds out hope for closure and justice. Jennifer’s boyfriend Joey Benton was the last known person to have seen her and Adrianna.

Police have searched Benton’s home numerous times. He denies any involvement.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office.

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