Private Detective: Woman Shot in Leg After String of Lexington Shootings

The violence continued in Lexington on Monday with the seventh shooting since Friday night. The the latest was around 4 p.m. on East Fifth Street near Ohio street. Police said an innocent bystander was shot in the leg on her front porch, in front of children.

Family said the victim is 62-year-old Marilyn Graves. Investigators said her injuries were not life threatening.

On Monday night police were still trying to find the people responsible, and said a teen who showed up hurt at a different hospital may be involved.

“It is very scary because everybody knows this is a yard full of kids,” said Grave’s niece, Sarita Mays.

At the corner of East Fifth Street and Ohio Street, kids often play outside house. However, on Monday the sunny afternoon was shattered by gunfire.

“Cars just pulled up and started shooting at each other,” said Grave’s grandson.

“I guess as they were still shooting they shot my auntie on the porch, and my grand kids was all on the porch too huddled around her,” said Mays.

Police said the victim and the children were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. At around 4 p.m. officers said people in a red PT Cruiser and a black SUV, suddenly started firing at each other.

“Once I heard the shots everybody just ducked and ran,” said the victim’s grandson.

The kids were okay, but family said Graves wasn’t. “She was just holding her leg and I just seen blood, and she was saying she was hit,” said the grandson.

“I just broke down and just started crying,” added Mays. “I was praying that she was okay.”

Graves was taken to the hospital in non-life threatening condition. Afterwards police followed an oil leak from the PT-Cruiser and found it at Michigan and Charles. They said a bullet hit the engine and the vehicle was riddled with bullet holes.

While investigators didn’t find anyone inside the vehicle, they said a 17-year-old boy showed up to Good Samaritan Hospital with an injured hand shortly after the shooting. Investigators said he may be involved, and want to find all the people responsible.

“I hope that they find him, and they need to stop the violence,” said Mays.

That’s what this family is focusing on. Now as they heal, they hope this city does too. “It’s about life, not killing people … It does need to stop,” said Mays.

If you have seen the black SUV involved in this shooting you are asked to call Lexington Police or Crimestoppers.

Again, this was just the most recent violence in Lexington. Six other shootings were reported over the weekend.

On Friday night around eleven, police said a man was shot twice in the back, near a liquor store at Georgetown and Charles Avenue. That victim also reportedly had bullet holes in his car.

An hour before that on Friday, Police said a man was shot twice in the neck near Bainbridge Drive.

Early Saturday morning, a weapons violation was reported at Jazzy Bar and Grill on Old Georgetown Street. A victim said he was near that bar when he was shot after a fight.

Later on Saturday, officers said four or five shots were fired into a van near Green Acres Park, but luckily no one was hurt.

A man was grazed in the head with a bullet at a party at the Genesis Center on Georgetown Road on Saturday. Other people also reported damage to their cars from gunfire.

Finally, on Sunday, shots were reported near Douglass Park, however no victims were ever found.

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