Accident Reconstruction

  • Overview of pre crash data sources and recorded crash pulse data
  • Calculating Δν from acceleration data
  • Calculating impulse Δν from x/y Δν data
  • Calculating pdof from x/y Δν data
  • Adjusting x axis Δν to represent impulse Δν
  • Single Equation Approach to 360�Momentum analysis
  • Calculating Impact & Post Impact Velocities from CDR data (Δν & pdof)
  • Reconciling Pre Crash and Post Crash CDR data
  • Analyzing CDR data in Context of Reconstruction
  • Charting and graphing a review of quadradic equations, momentum, crush and trigonometry
  • Analyzing Single Vehicle Rollover Accidents?
  • Testing Beyond The Drag Factor
  • Post-Collision Speedometer Readings And Vehicle Impact Speeds?
  • Determining A “Best Effort” Heavy Truck Acceleration Rate Based On Time, Weight & Distance?if necessary
  • Light Bulb Filament Analysis
  • Vehicle Navigation GPS Units Analyzed
  • EDRs And Restraint Systems?Analysis
  • Reading and reporting data From International Medium And Heavy Duty Truck Electronic Control Modules?
  • Forensic Mapping Equipment
  • Shooting the Scene
  • Vehicle Damage Documentation
  • Crime Scene Documentation sensitivity analysis of headlamp parameters affecting visibility and glare

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