Cyber Investigation Performed by Liar Catchers

We are well versed in:

  • Computer search and seizure techniques
  • Network intrusion investigations
  • Forensic computer media analysis to support criminal, fraud, and counterintelligence investigations
  • Basic and advanced forensic examinations
  • Online undercover techniques

Computer forensics investigations cover a broad range of required expertise, depending upon the type and scope of the investigation. As a result, Liar Catchers encompasses the broad range of expertise necessary to complete any type of required computer forensic investigation. Our cyber investigators have worked in the computer forensics field. We are experts complemented with advanced forensic tools and proven forensic methods that systematically identify, preserve, extract, analyze, interpret, document and present digital evidence. We can uncover e-mail communications, account information, file copying, attempted data destruction, account usage and other activities performed on computers. even if the data has been deleted or presumably destroyed. As a data forensics firm, we specialize in litigation support for a wide array of legal matters involving digital evidence.

Liar Catchers will find the “can’t be found” evidence you are looking for.
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