Cold Case Investigation Performed by Liar Catchers

The Liar Catchers Investigator acts as an agent of the Client whom hired him/her. Together with the possible assistance of the detective of the local police department who handled the case, the Liar Catcher Investigator will make the initial contact with the victim and/or family. At this meeting, the Liar Catchers Investigator will address any issues that the victim and/or family may bring up as well as any emotional responses the victim and/or family may have to the renewed activity on their case. The Liar Catchers Investigator will be available to answer questions and concerns and speak to the experiences that the victim and/or family may have. It is also during these interactions that the Liar Catchers Investigator will give the victim and/or family specific referrals to deal with any issues that may come up during the investigation. The Liar Catchers Specialist, at the request of the victim and/or family, can be present during photo line-ups to address the reactions and emotions that the victim and/or family may experience.

The smallest oversight is sometimes the biggest clue. Be patient as the investigator attempts to revisit very emotional and sensitive material, asking questions that may seem irrelevant or off subject. In the end , our goal is CASE SOLVED.

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