Crime Scene Investigation Performed by Liar Catchers

Our investigative team will ensure discreet and timely investigate services for your corporation. We are highly competent and well versed in the investigation of:

  • Pictures, Video and more Pictures
  • Fingerprints
  • Impressions from tools, shoes, car tires
  • Fabric
  • Body fluids like semen, blood, saliva
  • Hair
  • Fingernail scrapings
  • Body tissue
  • Glass
  • Plant spores
  • Fibers
  • Paint chips
  • Gunshot residue
  • Accelerants
  • Weapons or evidence of them
  • Shell casings
  • Questionable documents
  • Checks
  • MemosI
  • Hand written notes
  • Observe and note: light on/off, windows open/closed, temp of room (analayze temp control setting for prints)
  • Magazines, books, anything hand held on scene (analyzed for prints)
  • Alarm clock/Ipod/Remote (analyzed for prints)
  • Under furniture, cushions, mattress, baseboard (inspect)
  • Any Computer equipment, cameras, audio devices (sent to lab)
  • Telephones and history (Cells must be bagged preferably in a Faraday Bag)
  • Special evidence in certain instances

We will assist in:

Proving that a crime was indeed committed
Indicate key aspects of the crime
Establish the key identities of the victim or suspect, determine what kind of investigation must be
done to identify them and how they interacted.
Corroborate (or not) any testimony given by witnesses
Help to exonerate a suspect who is innocent
Provide leads for further investigation
Pressure suspects into giving (true) confessions

If an employee has caused you unrest, our investigative services will put that concern at the forefront of our investigation. Liar Catchers will supply facts and evidence for you to determine your next course of action.

Very Important to read our “Legal Disclaimer” page before making ANY decisions