Pedophile Tracking Investigation Performed by Liar Catchers

Rarely will we offer a link to another site but in this HIGHLY disgusting area of Pedophiles and predators we gladly share this link and will do anything in our power to eradicate these low life scum to where they belong.

Start with this link:, which will locate any registered sex offender in your area.

Call us if you feel as though you have reason to believe a pedophile has acted in ANY way, illegal, immoral or otherwise. We will document proof of their actions and supply them to you and the authorities.

Liar Catchers despises pedophiles.

Note: All surveillance training is performed by Liar Catchers team members while documenting registered sex offenders. If any sex offender displays any signs of illegal activity, those surveillance documents are immediately turned over to local authorities. We believe our best time spent in training, is an activity that limits the access of these low life dirt bags to any victim.

Very Important to read our “Legal Disclaimer” page before making ANY decisions