Identity Theft Investigation Performed by Liar Catchers

Identity Theft involves another person using your name and personal data information for fraudulent purposes. Identity Theft investigations are time-consuming, and many require compiling documentary evidence. A successful Identity Theft investigation requires cooperation from the victim and the merchant/financial institution involved

Evidence Required for Prosecution

Documentary evidence (original or certified copies) is required where identifying information has been used by the offender to compromise the victim’s identity.

Positive identification by a reliable witness of the individual responsible.

Positive identification of fingerprint impressions recorded by the individual responsible at the time the identity was compromised.

A dated and time stamped video image with sufficient resolution and clarity to clearly identify the individual responsible committing the offense. The identity of the responsible person must be established by comparison with an identifying photograph or by a witness who knows the individual by sight and name. There must be some means of establishing positive identification of the individual in the video

A statement of admission/written confession made to the police by the responsible person.

Liar Catchers will assist you in obtaining evidence to persecute any offending person or persons who have stolen and used your identity for gain.

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