Recover & Read Deleted Text Messages & Cell phone history with Liar Catchers

Using SIM Card : We can recover and read deleted SIM card & Smart card data such as deleted text messages & call logs

With the ability to read both SIM cards and Smart Cards, We can recover & read all deleted text messages, private information, and other possible evidence.

Suspecting spouses, concerned parents, employers can now check what has been going on without knowledge and deleted prior to your ability to investigate.

Liar Catchers can read deleted Text and phone history. We can even recover your own messages that were deleted by accident

* Cannot be recovered from smart phone or Iphone, however the Iphone has a very lengthy trail of history. Information , after it has been deleted, can still be recovered from locations to ability to see if a call was placed on skype in lieu of the normal channels. The history on an Iphone will lead us to somewhere, just like a computers deleted files. It all tells a story.

Very Important to read our “Legal Disclaimer” page before making ANY decisions