E-mail Tracing Investigation Performed by Liar Catchers

Liar Catchers will help install an extremely sophisticated certified email service that has options to let you know whether an email you sent was opened under all circumstances and provides proof of your sending, too, while hiding most of the complexity behind easily accessible plug-ins, tools and email shortcuts.


Lets you know (even under all circumstances) whether an email you sent has been opened


You can prove you sent a message with or make mail self-destruct, unprintable


Offers an easy to use Windows tool as well as email shortcuts


  • 1Provides email tracking and proof of sending as well as reading.
  • 2A Windows tool plugs into many programs and catches all outgoing mail seamlessly.
  • 3Even integrates with Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail in Internet Explorer.
  • 4You can also send via by appending “” to the recipient’s address
  • 5Can prevent printing and copying of email text; emails can auto-destruct after reading.
  • 6You decide whether tracking is transparent to the recipient or “invisible”
  • 7“Ensured-receipt” messages are kept at servers and thus tracked under all circumstances.
  • 8Uses PGP signatures including time-stamps to prove sending and opening of emails.
  • 9In addition to the recipient’s location, can track forwarding and attachments.
  • 10The utility supports Windows 9x+ and makes tracking emails seamless in any program.

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