Employee Investigation Performed by Liar Catchers

There is every reason to initiate these investigations when they are for legitimate business purposes. An investigation can itself become a source of liability, however, if initiated for an improper motive or if the investigative procedures or results are mishandled. To minimize the risk of problems, employers should conduct investigations in a professional manner, through agents of the employer who are trained in techniques and aware of the legal standards involved. The following recent case law illustrates the legal issues to be considered when conducting internal investigations.

Liar Catchers will investigate:

Harassment ( sexual , physical, or mental ) claims
Interview all witnesses and gather all documentary evidence
Interview the alleged perpetrator

Who saw it and whether there is any documentary evidence that supports or relates to the claim(s), e.g., e-mails, photographs, etc. We will be sure to focus on specific facts, such as the date and time of the events, the actual words used by the persons involved, and the names of witnesses to the incident(s).

Very Important to read our “Legal Disclaimer” page before making ANY decisions